PKSF, an apex development organization established by the Government of Bangladesh, works through an integrated network with an organizational structure to ensure that all employees irrespective of their ranks work towards realizing its proclaimed vision and mission. While extreme care is taken and scrutiny of very high standard is in place in primary recruitment, the PKSF officials are morally and strategically motivated through different meetings and necessary training sessions to demonstrate skills and efficiency in performing their duties with a commitment to their profession and society. Their skills are regularly updated and sharpened through in-service training at various intervals both at home and abroad.

PKSF’s organizational structure comprises eight Divisions and Units: (1) Enterprise Development, (2) Administration, (3) Finance, (4) Extreme Poverty and Social Development, (5) Audit, (6) Communications and Publications, (7) Research, (8) Environment and Climate Change.

This Division deals with the core financing programs of PKSF such as Jagoron, Agrosor, Buniad and Sufolon. It also manages the activities of MIS Cell, IT Cell and five specialized programs and projects namely, Promoting Agricultural Commercialization and Enterprises (PACE) Project, Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP), Sustainable Enterprise Project (SEP), Microenterprise Development Program (MDP) and the upcoming Rural Microfinance Transformation Project (RMTP). In addition, two special programs — 1. Cultural and Sports Program, and 2. Program for Adolescents — are implemented by this Division headed by a Deputy Managing Director.

The Administration Division is responsible for providing all kinds of administrative support to PKSF’s staff through its different cells. General administration, infrastructure development and maintenance, procurement, legal affairs, library and transport management are the main areas of responsibilities of this Division. It also operates five mainstream programs of PKSF namely, Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of the Poor Households towards Elimination of their Poverty (ENRICH), Uplifting the Quality of the Lives of the Elderly People, Special Fund, Programs-Support Fund (PSF), PO enlistment for social development, and SDGs. Besides, some core financing programs such as Jagoron, Agrosor, Buniad and Sufolon are also conducted under this Division, headed by a Deputy Managing Director.  

The main task of the Finance Division is fund management and accounts-related matters, reimbursement and various transactions. It provides different types of financial information in response to the development partners and the Government of Bangladesh. It also takes care of the Risk Mitigation Cell. This Division deals with some core financing programs such as Jagoron, Agrosor, Buniad and Sufolon, and further takes care of Human Resources Cell and Training Cell, Kuwait Goodwill Fund (KGF), and programs related to fisheries, livestock and agriculture. Besides, this Division looks after the Low Income Community Housing Support (LICHS) Project. A Deputy Managing Director heads this Division.

This Division was created in 2018 in view of the diversification of PKSF activities. It is specifically engaged in the implementation of a new project: Pathways to Prosperity for Extremely Poor People (PPEPP). It is also responsible for Social Advocacy and Knowledge Dissemination Unit, and the LIFT for the Disadvantaged People program. This Division is headed by a Deputy Managing Director who also looks after two credit operation panels and works as the Board Secretary of PKSF.

The Audit Division is responsible for scrutinizing all official transactions. Testing of internal control and monitoring compliance with PKSF’s policy and government regulations are the key responsibilities of this Division. It exclusively reports to the Managing Director and is headed by a General Manager. This Division has two wings: Internal and External. The Internal Audit wing deals with the audit-related affairs of both PKSF and POs. The External Audit wing coordinates the tasks of external audit of both PKSF and POs through enlisted audit firms.

This Unit directly reports to the Managing Director. It looks after all the publications of PKSF. The contents and quality of various publications of different Divisions and Units are supervised by this Unit. Wider dissemination of PKSF programs, news and events through mass and social media, and official website is managed by this Unit, currently headed by the Senior Editorial Adviser.   

Headed by a Director, this Unit conducts research in three ways: through its own staff, jointly with research and academic institutions at home and abroad, and through outsourcing.

This Unit, headed by a Director, deals with the climate change-related issues in Bangladesh and suggests practical actions to increase the resilience of the communities prone to adverse impacts of climate change. It also maintains communications with the Green Climate Fund (GCF), of which PKSF is a National Implementing Entity (NIE).

As of 30 June 2021, PKSF management team consists of 419 talented and committed staff, which includes 247 regular officers, 17 contractual personnel, 74 project officers and 81 support staff.