Programme Support Fund

To establish human dignity of the poor by ensuring access to health care, education and social development activities, PKSF initiated the Program Support Fund (PSF) in 2011. PSF was created to target those people who may not be eligible for all other programs and projects conducted by PKSF. This fund will go towards providing financial grants and customized credit facilities, specifically education based, overseen by development programs that target the poor.

As of June 2015, PKSF has transferred BDT 2.0 billion of its own capital to PSF. The PSF looks forward to increasing its fund to BDT 5 billion in the future. A fund administrative committee and a fund executive committee have been gathered for policy making and taking on different activities to implement at the field level, respectively.

Under this fund, meritorious children of poor families involved in different programs of the PKSF, who successfully completed Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or are studying at a higher level are eligible for this scholarship. In 2015, PSF has awarded scholarships to 1590 students (Tk. 18,000 each) scoring average 4.00 to 4.99 grade points at SSC Examinations for continuing their education. These students would be provided with two consecutive scholarships if they got promotion from 11th year to 12th year at the HSC level. Since 2011 a total of 3155 students have been awarded scholarship (182 in 2012, 433 in 2013, 950 in 2014 and 1590 in 2015). Out of the 3155 scholar students, 1407 are girls and 1748 are boys.

From January, 2014 PSF is implementing a project through PKSF’s PO “Sheba Nari O Shisu Kallyan Kendro” in Savar for the orphaned and afflicted children of the Rana Plaza disaster. This initiative focused on providing the educational and nutritional needs of the children has been implementing at a cost of Tk. 5,00,000 in the year 2015.

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