The ENRICH education component primarily seeks to address the problem of drop-out of children from primary level education. This is implemented in all 200 ENRICH unions; and this service is available to all the households in all the unions. Under this component, at least students up to Class 2 are helped in the educational assistance centres to prepare the next day’s tasks, given that there are no facilities and educational support for many students at their homes. Gradually, these centres will accommodate students up to Class 5. These centres operate from 3PM to 5PM every day except Friday. Children come to these centres after attending their regular schools. Children are not only helped with their studies but also assisted in extra-curricular activities such as recitation of poems, dance, singing etc. Also, the children are treated in a friendly manner. They therefore find these centres very attractive to attend.

PKSF Chairman and PKSF Managing Director accompany Hon’ble Deputy Speaker of Bangladesh National Parliament Mr. Fazle Rabbi Mia as he visits an Education Assistance Center. Dr. Md. Jashim Uddin, DMD (Admin) of PKSF is also with them

These centres take special care of the students who are generally slow learners and need the extra help and time to grasp the material taught at their regular schools. Teachers are locally recruited. Anyone less than 35 years of age with a minimum of SSC level education is prima facie qualified to be a teacher; most of the teachers are female. These educational assistance centres also monitor if the children attending the centres go to their schools regularly. In the 6,375 afternoon educational assistance centres in the 200 ENRICH unions, 6,375 teachers have been assisting 1,65,743 students (girls and boys), as of March 2018. The dropout rate among these students, as they move up to Class 3, has, on average, come down to about 0.9%, while it is about 4.04% nationwide.

Students of an ENRICH Education Assistance Center are busy in a Drawing Competition organised to observe the Victory Day

In addition, the PKSF also provides scholarships usually to students at levels after the completion of SSC (Secondary School Certificate), from its Programme Support Fund (PSF). This scholarship component is managed by the ENRICH Unit. Meritorious children of the disadvantaged or low income parents involved in different programmes of the PKSF, who, after successfully completing Secondary School Certificate (SSC) level, are studying for Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or are at a higher level are eligible for this scholarship.

The scholarship programme was initiated in 2012 and, up to December 2017, a total of 5,701 students have been awarded scholarships (182 in 2012, 433 in 2013, 950 in 2014, and 1,618 in 2015 and 2518 in 2016). Out of these 5,701 scholarship recipients, 2,555 are girls and 3,146 boys.

A scholarship cheque hand over program to student while the Chairman-PKSF & the honorable primary and mass   education minister seen on the stage. PKSF Managing Director and PKSF DMD (Admin) are also with them.