An ENRICH centre is being established in every ward of the 200 ENRICH unions. On average, there are nine wards in a union, which implies that total number of ENRICH centres in 200 unions will be 1800. So far, 1300 centres have been established in 144 unions. This centre is serving as a hub for people of the ward to socialize and liaison with one another. The centre is, in fact, a multipurpose entity. As a matter of policy, the land is provided by the local community and the PKSF meets the costs of the building so that there is an inherent local ownership.

An ENRICH Centre constructed in Joypurhat

Each centre is managed by an 11-member ward committee, headed by the elected member of the concerned Union Parishad from that ward. The other members are generally drawn from senior citizens, local elites, teachers and youth of the particular ward, and ENRICH implementing Partner Organization (PO). The committee meets once a month to discuss development and social issues of the ward that need attention. They also review the progress of the ENRICH activities and identify slacks if any and suggest how best those may be addressed. Joint meetings of all the ward committees in a union are held twice a year under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the Union Parishad for the purposes of briefing, coordination, and guidance.

The centres are used for various purposes such as static and satellite clinics, local dispute resolution, youth training, and generally as a facilitating outfit for social capital formation in the respective wards in terms of mobilization of ideas, shared responsibilities in undertaking community actions for development, and uprooting social evils such as child marriage, teasing of girls, drug addiction, and so on. An external evaluation has found the ENRICH centre to be a unique and effective innovation for the creation of solidarity and cohesiveness among the community members in relation to the socio-economic transformation processes in the area.Currently, the construction of another 504 ENRICH centres in 56 unions is underway. Phase by phase, such centres will be established in all wards of the 200 ENRICH unions.