‘Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households towards Elimination of their Poverty (ENRICH)’ is a human-centered total development approach. The overall vision that underpins ENRICH is to work with the poor, to create humanly dignified living standards and enjoy universal human rights. It is not just a collection of individual projects, rather it is an integrated approach. It adheres to the motto of sustainable development which is ‘leaving no one behind.’ ENRICH covers all aspects of human life from mothers’ womb to the grave. It focuses on components such as education, healthcare, nutrition and employment generation, youth development, beggar rehabilitation, etc.

The program is implemented in 202 Unions of 164 Upazillas of 64 districts through 116 Partner Organizations (POs).

Healthcare and Nutrition: A total of 374 ENRICH Health Officers and 2,634 Health Visitors are working in the ENRICH Unions. Household visiting, Static clinic, satellite clinic and health camps are being arranged regularly.

Education: In 6,606 Education Assistance Centers are helping 1,75,349 students to prepare their daily lessons given by their schools. Students of class one and two are also given moral and co-curricular lessons. Thus dropout rate at the primary level in ENRICH areas is reduced to 0.06%.

Youth in Development: The ‘Youth in Development’ component has been under operation since FY 2016-17. At the field level, 1.5 lakh youths have already received training on ‘Self-realization and Leadership Development’ in 2,498 batches. Inspired by the training, youths in many unions have already undertaken various social activities such as the construction of roads, social awareness against child marriage, campaigns against drugs, tying pots on trees as accommodation for birds nest etc.

Rehabilitation of Beggar: So far, 1,274 beggars have been rehabilitated in the ENRICH Unions. The selected beggars are given BDT 1 lakh grant so that they can invest it in income-generating activities.

ENRICH center and ENRICHed home: So far, 1,449 ENRICH centers have been built in the ENRICH Unions. Moreover, 11,911 homes have been converted into ENRICHed home so far in these unions, where components such as health, education, income, environment and livelihood improvement are under operation.

‘Bandhu Chula’ and Solar System: So far, Bandhu Chula (environment-friendly cooking stoves) and solar home system has been provided to 36,021 and 67,576 households respectively.

Bashok Plantation: Bashok cultivators are earning handsome revenue by selling the dry leaves of Bashok plants to pharmaceutical companies.


Vocational training for employment: A total of 602 people have received vocational training on 16 trades. Apart from that, employment opportunities have been provided in various organizations.

Special Savings: Under the component, 4,899 families have deposited BDT 16.49 crore so far and BDT 23.10 grant has been returned to 1,768 members after their savings had been matured.

Community-based Development: In different ENRICH areas, 80,300 tube wells (both shallow and deep) and 80,200 family-based sanitary latrines have been installed. More than 5 lakh people are benefited from these. Besides, a lot of pond sand filters and public toilet complexes have been installed in different ENRICH Unions to ensure the supply of safe drinking water and sanitary latrines.

Loan Disbursement: There are three types of loans provided under ENRICH Program. The loan disbursement target under the Program in FY 2018-19 were set as BDT 356 crore. So far, BDT 306.36 crore has been disbursed to the members.


N.B.: All the data are updated based on the information received till May 2019.