Social Advocacy and Knowledge Dissemination Unit

Social Advocacy and Knowledge Dissemination Unit

PKSF set up a unit named Social Advocacy and Knowledge Dissemination unit in 2013, which is a part of its core program. Beside the regular development programs of PKSF, this unit focuses on different critical social issues to build awareness among the marginalized and disadvantaged people to establish their human dignity.

The unit has been working in 16 Unions of ENRICH areas on different social issues with the main focus on child marriage and violence against women and children. Recently 4 new Unions have been included in this program. Till now, 2195 people have received the training on “Social Development & Responsibility”; 623 teachers and 10,235 students of high schools have participated in the orientation on “Stopping Child Marriage”.

The unit is now arranging “Advocacy workshop” in 16 Unions to strengthen the role of local administration together with local leaders so that they can take initiatives to stop child marriage. Union parishad members and members of different standing committees are taking part in this workshop.

Till November 2017, 24 early marriages were stopped by the initiatives of local people, leaders, UP members, health volunteers, teachers, Union parishad chairpersons including upazila administration. Moreover, adolescent girls’ clubs have been formed in 16 Unions. Girls can participate in life skills development activities and get some space to nurture their creativity in these clubs. They can also discuss and gather knowledge about the contemporary world. It helps the girls become confident and work as the change makers of the society. These clubs are gradually taking initiatives and raising their voice to stop child marriage.

Social Advocacy and Knowledge Dissemination unit organized a seminar on `Tobacco: A Threat to Public Health and Development’ on 28 May 2017 following the event of World Anti Tobacco day. Different organizations, involved in anti-tobacco activities, were present in the seminar. To reach the goal of creating tobacco free Bangladesh, everyone proposed to establish a platform under the leadership of PKSF. Accordingly, `National Anti Tobacco Platform (NATP)’ was formed under the leadership of PKSF. Dr. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad has been selected as the convener of this platform. Besides, a book titled “Tamak: Ak Moron Phaad” has been published shortly after the seminar.

As regular work, the unit published two posters on “Negative effect of tobacco” and “Education rights of children with disability”. These posters are distributed to the Partner Organizations to disseminate their messages to the mass people.

The usual activity of Mobile Cinema Van is on. It is a great tool in disseminating various social and economic information and showing awareness based documentaries to the grass root people.