PKSF is widely known at home and abroad for its quality of transparency and accountability and the efficient performance it is distinct for. The PKSF officials/personnel demonstrate in depth knowledge, skills and efficiency for the job responsibilities they are assigned. Hired through a very competitive and rigid employment process, the staff are appointed on the merit of their proven talent and capability which are subsequently and regularly enhanced and sharpened through in-service training at various intervals.

PKSF’s organizational structure consists of four divisions and two units; namely Credit Operations and Programme Development Division, Administration, Finance and Integrated Development Division, Credit Operations and Capacity Development Division, Audit Division & Research Unit and Environment unit.

Credit Operations and Programme Development
This division is headed by a Deputy Managing Director (DMD). It deals with the core development programmes which include various types of micro-finance programmes and specialized projects. There are several sub-divisions/units/cells such as including Micro-finance Operations, Enterprise Development, Insurance, Management Information System (MIS) under this division. Besides, this division deals with the activities of four specific projects: Community Climate Change Project (CCCP), Promoting Agricultural Commercialization and Enterprises (PACE) project, Skills for Employment Investment Programme (SEIP) and Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund (BCCTF). MIS cell provides necessary and information reports to the Management relating to financial and operational activities on lending activities of PKSF as well of as its Partner Organisations (POs).

Administration, Finance & Integrated Development
Headed by a Deputy Managing Director (DMD), this division provides support to the primary and overall budgetary, administrative, information technology, and human resources needs of its 360 staff engaged in different divisions and projects of PKSF. It helps coordinate the functions of PKSF across the country and abroad. This division supervises and coordinates functions of ten different units/cells, namely Human Resources, General Administration, Publications and Communications, Library, Archive, Information Technology, Training, Construction and Maintenance and Legal Affairs. It also deals with various programmes of PKSF such as ENRICH, Health Development, Education Development, Special Fund, and Programmes-Support Fund (PSF).

The Finance and Accounts Department of PKSF functions as a separate department under this division. This division also provides the expertise and direction necessary to implement various programmes and projects of PKSF. This division also acts as a liaison between donor communities, various ministries of the government, development agencies, bank service providers and PKSF.

Credit Operations & Capacity Development
One DMD heads this division. This division concentrates on credit programmes and projects. Under this division, there are several sub-divisions/ units/ cells, which include Credit operation, Ultra Poor Programme, Seasonal and Agricultural Credit Programme, Disaster Management Programme, Kuwait Goodwill Fund (KGF), Result-Based Monitoring (RBM) and Institutional Development, Work Force Development, Innovative Fund, Livestock Unit and Agriculture Unit. Besides, this division also manages PROSPER and UPP-Ujjibito project. This division annually publishes different operational and management reports that provide future programme directives and a lot of advocacy materials as well.

Audit Division
This division looks after the audit-related affairs of PKSF. The division exclusively reports to the Governing Body and the General Body through the Managing Director (MD). It works as a watchdog to ensure transparency of all activities of the organization. It has two wings – internal and external. The internal audit wing is responsible for internal auditing both at PKSF and PO levels. This division also coordinates the tasks of external audit of PKSF and the POs through enlisted audit firms. A General Manager heads this division.

Research Unit
PKSF conducts various research/studies by its own Research Division, and in collaboration with other illustrious institutions/individuals. In addition, this division also helps formulate agenda or area for research. It provides the management with required research inputs as are asked for or required to assess the impact of PKSF activities.

Environment Unit
Recently, PKSF has established an Environment Unit which will deal with climate change related issues in Bangladesh. This unit will take practical actions to increase the resilience capacity of the communities who are prone to the adverse impacts of climate change. This unit will be led by one Director.

PKSF management team is comprised of talented and committed staff. The team includes 180 regular officers, 97 staff, 71 project personnel, and 12 contractual personnel. As of 18 February 2016, the total number of PKSF staff stands at 360.