♦ Scaling up Microfinance Institution (MFI) Lending for Improved Rural Sanitation in Bangladesh (MILIS project)

♦ জেন্ডার নীতিমালা

♦ কর্মক্ষেত্রে অনুকূল পরিবেশ সৃষ্টিতে ‘নারী চাকুরেদের সম্ভাব্য যৌন হয়রানি হতে সুরক্ষা প্রদান সংক্রান্ত নীতিমালা ও কর্মপন্থা’

♦ Operational Mannual

♦ Project appraisal guideline

♦ Project Preparation guideline

♦ Procedures for Risk Mitigation

♦ Monitoring and Evaluation Policy

♦ Monitoirng and Evaluation Procedure

♦ Grant award evaluation procedures

♦ Terms of reference of the Grant Award Evaluation Committee

♦ Lending Policy of PKSF

♦ Lending Procedure of PKSF

♦ Financial Management Policy

♦ Procedures for evaluating intermediary portfolio

♦ Investment Management Policy

♦ Procedures for managing entites Investment Protfolio

♦ Statement of Non Discriminatory Practices

♦ Relation between Treasury and Operational Function

♦ Procurement Guidelines for Partner Organizations

♦ Evaluation Disclosure Policy of PKSF

♦ Operation Risk Assessment Framework

♦ Environment Management Framework

♦ Social Management Framework

♦ Policy and Strategy for Women employees from possible sexual harassment

♦ Strategic Plan of PKSF

♦ Vision Mission Statement

♦ ToR and Composition of Audit Committee

♦ ToR and Composition of WGR Committee

♦ Financial Risk Management