Social Advocacy and Knowledge Dissemination Unit

Social Advocacy and Knowledge Dissemination Unit

With the objectives to build awareness on various socially important issues for improving human dignity of the marginal people through establishing equity and justice in the society as well as to disseminate knowledge and ideas for enhancing human capability of the disadvantaged people, PKSF has set up a unit entitled ‘Social Advocacy and Knowledge Dissemination’.

To achieve these objectives, the unit organizes seminars, workshops and talk shows; publishes awareness-based and knowledge-based books, posters and leaflets; makes public service announcements and video documentaries on socially concerned issues; publicizes different issues in social medias; sets up bill boards to advertise socially important issues; uses mobile cinema van for disseminating important messages; organizes public meetings, debate, painting, essay writing competitions with the adolescent and young groups on relevant issues; communicates with locals on different subjects using community radios and the network of grass-root level organizations and advocates for pro-poor policies.


Union Coordinators and Social Development Organizers of 16 selected POs are taking part in the “Social Development and Responsibilities” training

The unit has aimed to work in 16 unions of ENRICH areas on different social issues with main focus on child marriage, violence against woman and children, and importance of child education. The unit has already started to build up the capacity of Union Coordinators and Social Development organizers to address gender based violence and help to initiate the action through mobilizing community, different institutions and families to change the scenario. Initiatives have been taken to create awareness among the adolescent group on the consequences of early marriage.

The unit has already started social development activities through 16 partner organizations in the mentioned unions by strengthening the ward coordination committees; making the school teachers responsible to take preventive measures of child marriage and awareness of the parents to prevent child marriage. Initiatives have been taken to start social movement together with the local government and non government agencies, marriage registers, imams, teachers, journalists and youth groups to fight these social problems. Later the unit will extend its works to the other unions and will work on more issues.

Recently, Social Advocacy and Knowledge Dissemination Unit published posters on “Child Labour”, “Human Trafficking” and “Drowning: Caution & Primary Treatment”. Later the Unit distributed these posters to the Partner Organizations (POs) to aware the mass people about their responsibilities for poverty stricken children who are involved in child labour; to help people know about the danger of human trafficking and to let them know about the proper way to go abroad; and to make people knowledgeable on how to prevent drowning and what to do as primary treatment if anyone drowns. Apart from these the unit also published posters on“Child Nutrition”, “Early Marriage”, “Snake Bite: Caution & to dos”,“Safe Food”, “ENRICH”, “Drug Addiction”, “Eve-Teasing” and “Danger of Formalin”. Besides, the Unit has published a booklet entitling Extension of Appropriate Agricultural Technologies: Experience of PKSF, with the cooperation of Agriculture Unit.





Social Advocacy and Knowledge Dissemination Unit has made Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on “Anti Drug-Addiction”, “Early Marriage” and “Eve Teasing”. Besides, it has developed 2 (two) awareness based dramas on “Early Marriage” and “Child Nutrition”. These dramas also focus on the issues of eve teasing, woman education, child education and how to prevent drowning and what to do as primary treatment if anyone drowns. These are being shown to the beneficiaries through mobile cinema van for creating awareness.

The consequence of early marriage and the importance of girls/women education

The importance of Child Nutrition and Child Education, and the consequence of drowning

These dramas will be shown to the beneficiaries through mobile cinema van.

Mobile Cinema Van is a great way to reach people living in remote places throughout the country. Social Advocacy and Knowledge Dissemination Unit takes this opportunity and sends the van to different places according to the demands of POs. The Unit shows people awareness-based documentaries, dramas and training modules (Goat rearing, Cow rearing, Planting Spices etc.). This is a very popular means of raising awareness on various social issues, spreading knowledge on agricultural/livestock technologies as well as climate change issues along with impact and necessary safety measures. The mobile cinema van is a great tool in distributing technical information and showing awareness based documentaries to the grass root people.